Finding a Realtor You Can Trust

The Realtor’s real estate commission for the sale of a house is almost always paid by the seller. Therefore, the majority of homebuyers employ the services of an agent for their purchase. Since most houses are listed by real estate brokerages, it gives them maximum and immediate exposure to the most number of properties for consideration.

The relationship between a homebuyer and their agent is a little like a marriage, and must be based on TRUST, MUTUAL GOALS and UNDERSTANDING.

What to Look for in an Agent

  • An understanding of your needs.

  • A willingness to work with you until your needs are fulfilled.

  • A sense of professionalism, knowledge and experience.

  • Someone who is dedicated to their profession.

  • Knowledge of the area in which you have an interest.

  • A familiarity with the price range in which you are interested.

  • References from previous buyers.