Closing Attorney

In Georgia, a real estate closing attorney is specified in the purchase and sale agreement.

Tax Check – The real estate attorney’s office contacts the various tax assessors offices to see what taxes are owed on the property.

Title Search – Copies of documents are gathered from various public records: deeds, liens, deeds of trust, various assessments and matters of probate, heirship, divorce, and bankruptcy are addressed.

Examination – Verification of the legal owner and debts owed.

Document Preparation – Appropriate forms are prepared for conveyance and settlement.

Settlement – The closing attorney overseas the closing of the transaction usually in the attorney's office. Seller signs the deed, you sign a new mortgage, the old loan is paid off and the new loan is established. Seller, agents, attorneys, surveyors, title company, and other service providers for the parties are paid. Title insurance policies will then be issued to you and your lender.